Job Posting Guide
Follow the simple step by step guide below to publish your ad on

Our preferred method of receiving ads for advertising is by e-mail at

We can also copy the ads that are already published on your website or elsewhere if you don't have a copy of the ad in a word doc or other word processor format ... just provide us with a hyperlink for that ad on the web.

You can also copy directly the text into an e-mail or attach it in common word processor format (.doc .txt .rtf .pdf ...etc). Graphics/company logos should be attached in .gif or .jpeg format.

Important: For ensuring the best possible experience for our customers and viewers every ad should contain some specific information stated as clearly as possible such as:

  • Job title
  • Location
  • Company Name
  • Deadline

You can add any other information like salary, working hours ...etc, on top of the essential ones mentioned earlier.

Usually the ads have a publishing period of 14 days for categories like: chefs, bar staff, food runners, kitchen porters, baristas, waiting staff, host/reception, catering as they are jobs with a quick turnover and 30 days for more senior position like: managers, senior chefs, administration staff and supervisors. We can always extend or reduce the publishing time based on the client needs.

Once the ad is published you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing a link to the ad page so you can review it. If this is the first time you advertise with us we will be creating a company account and provide you with login instructions and a 4 digit pin to use on login.

In your company account you can browse through all the ads that you published with us in the last 6 months, check their status (active/closed), see the numbers of views for each ad and check on the logo/text we used for representing your company. Any changes can only be done by sending us an email to for security purposes and we will make sure to do them ASAP.

In addition, login into your company account gives you access to browse our CV pages where users can upload their summary CV, full CV and a link to their LinkedIn profile. Your next perfect manager or head chef could be waiting for you on those pages to discover and contact.
(the CV pages are only available to companies that advertise with us and only after you login in to your company account)

You can get more information calling Adrian on Phone: +44 (0) 7912788122.

If you forget your login 4 digit pin you can request it again by sending us an email at


Please be aware that once your advertisement is published it can be easily copied and circulated via head-hunters, recruiters ...etc who may contact you and request fees for placements etc. We would recommend that you send such requests to the Recycle Bin. Similarly, publication of your e-mail address may result in an increase in junk mail. Standard practice is to send a note to the webmaster of the ISP whose mail service is being used requesting exclusion.

A condition of the use of this service is that AWPjobs bears no responsibility or liability for misuse of recruitment advertisements, CV, or e-mail addresses published on the AWPjobs web pages at Terms and conditions for the use of this site are that AWPjobs are indemnified from any financial loss arising through third party abuse of any of our services or payment systems.


We can be contacted by normal mail to AWPjobs, 71 Kingsway, Cambridge CB4 2ER, UK

For the moment all services and all ads are published for free.
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